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Blind Motivational Speaker Wolverhampton

Looking for a motivational speaker in Wolverhampton? My name is Pervez. I am a blind Motivational Speaker Wolverhampton, author and DJ operating in the UK. I was brought up in inner City Birmingham. Since losing my sight at a young age I have been faced with adversity for most of my life. Despite this, I didn’t let my lack of sight interfere with my vision of advancing within the West Mercia Police service.

Over the years I have been devoted to mentoring people with disabilities and delivering diversity training by day and by night I am the UK’s first blind DJ to play entirely by memory. My life has been a great adventure with many obstacles along the way. I now use my experiences to help others via motivational speaking engagements.

Motivational speaker

A motivational speaker is a person who makes speeches to motivate or inspire an audience. Motivational speaker Wolverhampton can deliver presentations and speeches on any topic. A motivational speaker is someone with an amazing life story, but it isn’t just my story itself that will motivate the audience, it is the way I tell it and the passion behind it that makes my speeches all the more inspiring.

Press here to read more about my wonderful life story and read testimonials from people who I have helped.

Pervez Hussain, my Blind Motivational Speaker Wolverhampton story

I experienced eyesight problems from an early age and despite numerous operations I completely lost my sight at the age of 23. This could have been a huge stumbling block in my advancement as I was considered to be un-academic.
I could’t read Braille and I therefore started to use my memory to assist with work and everyday tasks, committing to memory large chunks of information.

I was the first Motivational Speaker Wolverhampton in the country to deliver diversity training to staff members wholly using my memory. I was also the first blind Motivational Speaker Wolverhampton in the UK to deliver management and leadership training my memory to front line supervisors.

Pervez in the West Mercia Police Motivational Speaker Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton Motivational blind speaker

After moving on from delivering diversity training in my existing work environment I then went on to set up my own company delivering this training to outside organisations and agencies. My audience was no longer limited to the number of staff members employed by West Mercia Police. Daunting – not daunted!

I also undertook management leadership training – helping others to help themselves in progressing in their area of work. A pleasing extension to my skills – what can be better than helping others realise their own potential.

For a much more detailed account of my life and the obstacles I have overcome, check out my new autobiography “Chasing the Bean”.

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Overcoming adversity

After 23 years of working within the West Mercia Police, my own advancement suddenly stalled. Having never had sick leave I was now faced with the prospect of being seriously ill with kidney failure. At the beginning of 2012 despite struggling to continue with work and other commitments I knew something was wrong and finally sought medical help.

The shocking discovery was that I was suffering from polycystic kidney disease. The other side of that coin turned out to be winning a Quality People Award 2012 for outstanding contribution to West Mercia Police. A very proud moment indeed.

Pervez in Hospital Motivational Speaker Wolverhampton

Reach for the stars

I believe you too can achieve your full potential – you just need positive mental attitude and never give up at the first hurdle – that’s one thing I learned early on! Life lessons are that you will make mistakes – you just need to move on and learn from them. Don’t dwell on them – look to the future. No one is going to make opportunities for you – you have to make them yourself.

If you want to hear more of my Motivational Speaker Wolverhampton story and how I overcame numerous obstacles and barriers please take a moment to read some testimonials and see how you could book me for a motivational speech.

Pervez at the house of Lords with Scott Westbrook, chair of the national disabled police association Motivational Speaker Wolverhampton

Disabled Motivational Speaker

My journey has been long and difficult and even now my disability creates challenges and obstacles, all of which led me to become a disabled motivational speaker. Blindness and other disabilities can often be overwhelming which is why I find it extremely rewarding to be able to inspire and help others who attend my disabled motivational speaking engagements
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Logos of organisations with which Pervez is or has been affiliated including Unison, West Mercia Police, Guide Dogs and the National Probation Service Motivational Speaker Wolverhampton

Life Highlights UNISON

Branch Secretary
Assistant Branch Secretary
Disabilities Officer
Diversity Officer
Black & Ethnic Minorities Officer
Elected member of National Standing Orders Committee

Pervez standing up for the rights of Unison members Motivational Speaker Wolverhampton

West Mercia Police

Career Highlights
Communications / Customer Service Operator
HR Administrator
Diversity Trainer
Management Leadership Trainer

Committee Memberships
Founder member / Chair of Disabilities Support Network
Elected member of National Disabled Police Association

Pervez with his guide dog Grant Motivational Speaker Wolverhampton


Advisor to Home Office on disability legislation

Spoken at House of Lords on barriers faced by people with disabilities
Ambassador for Guide Dogs to the Blind Association
Private Diversity Consultancy
Mentoring to people with disabilities
Business – first blind DJ performing by memory

2003 London Marathon for guide dogs
Fundraising for St Michael’s Hospice, Victim Support and Special baby care unit

Disabled motivational speaker

Abseiling for charity

Pervez white water rafting Motivational Speaker Wolverhampton