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Chasing the Bean (Signed)

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This year I released my autobiography entitled “Chasing the Bean: The Inspirational Life Story of Pervez Hussain”. The book charters my journey from a young age and explores the difficulties I have overcome including blindness, discrimination and kidney failure.
The book is available on Kindle and in paperback.

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The Hereford Times featured Pervez and his book in a recent article that can be read here.

28 reviews for Chasing the Bean (Signed)

  1. Susan bushell

    I would recommend this book to anyone but especially to people who think they can’t do something for whatever reason Perez will make you realise you can face challenges and enjoy them, the ability to laugh at yourself is required but he has reminded me never to think I can’t do something – rather how can I do it..

  2. Pam

    This book is a great read!! It is beautifully written, gets you interested from the very first page & keeps you enthralled to the very end. It made me laugh and it brought tears to my eyes but above all, it put things into perspective for me. Pervez is an exceptional man and an inspiration to us all. I loved it.

  3. Sebby

    If you’re feeling low, or have lost your spark “Chasing the Bean” will give you the energy boost you’re looking for – this book made me smile and giggle many times.

    When Pervez deals with embarrassing, tricky, life changing, and life threatening situations in his own unique way you’ll get a real insight into his world. Joining Pervez recollect his journey through life will make you feel an array of emotions, but predominantly make you feel like tackling that certain challenge in your own life that always seemed to difficult.

    Awesome book – awesome man.

  4. Mark M

    This book does ‘exactly what it on the cover’!! It really is an inspiration as it tells the remarkable story of Pervez Hussain who has lived through some of the most challenging obstacles that life could throw at him and, for the most part, has overcome them.
    At an age where most young men are at their prime, Pervez was hit with the devastating news that he was losing his sight. His vision gradually diminished until he was left only able to see vague silhouettes. This book chronicles his attempts to adapt, some of these attempts were successful, some, hilariously, were nothing but disastrous. Throughout his trials, Pervez was accompanied by his faithful guide dogs and, again, the book tells some hilarious stories where he discovered just how greedy his dogs were and what lengths they would go to in their quest for food (or pigeons).
    Having adapted and come to terms with the loss of his sight, life dealt him another tough blow as he discovered that his kidneys were failing him. Others might have given up but Pervez battled on in the hope that a donor would come forward. It is a true credit to Pervez, therefore, that when a donor was finally found, he declined the offer in the hope that a ‘more needy’ recipient would benefit more from it?!
    A worthy read and an inspiring story that will have you giggling and make you respect this man’s fight against adversity.

  5. Dot

    A very good read. very inspirational. Not sure about the book cover, though.

  6. Helen Gans

    We’re all reading this inspiring and inspirational true story. It’s great. Our son who was born blind and attended the same college can really identify with elements of Pervez’s story.

  7. Ronski

    I decided to read Pervez book after hearing give a motivational speech at the Royal National College for Blind people in Hereford. It was their awards ceremony and my daughter was there to receive here. We were both very inspired by what he said, but the humour had people in stitches. The book about his life is incredible but it’s his determination and willpower that shine through. People with disabilities need this kind of role model to help them get through life. To some extent if you don’t experience disability first hand wether you have it, are a carer or just someone close has it, you never really know all the obstacles they have to negotiate. Pervez pulls no punches, there is prejudice out there, but you need the confidence and determination to succeed. Enjoy your read 5 out of 5 stars.

  8. Hannah Cutts

    Beautifully written from start to finish. Fantastic story and an inspirational man. Very happy to have had the privilege of speaking to Pervez! Highly recommend this book to anyone.

  9. Sara C

    An amazing and truly inspirational read. Shows that determination can overcome any obstacle. Definite must have for your collection.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Chasing the bean was a most enjoyable read on my holiday this summer. Pervez is truely inspirational and has overcome so many challenges in his life. It made me take a good look at my own life.

  11. Mrs V L Treagus

    Unputdownable! Great book, so privileged to know Pervez and to of met Ufton. A must read and I feel a film could be made. So true and funny, brings back so many memories and certainly motivates you. Well done, congratulations and best wishes for the future.

  12. will

    A very inspiring look at a life, lived to the fullest, despite adversity. Essential reading for anyone who has obstacles to overcome.

  13. simon_toast

    Inspirational story of an inspirational man. Hard to put down once you start reading. If Pervez can be as positive about everything as he is, then we all can.

    Buy this book!

  14. Pauline N

    got absolutely nothing done all day as I was hooked from the first to the last page. Congratulations Pervez!

  15. Tracy Rees

    Inspirational. A great read and well written.

  16. Hannah Senter

    What a fascinating and honest read. Pervez’s honest account of his life and challenges have kept me gripped to this book and I am grateful to him for writing it. Whether you have a disability or not this book will inspire you.

  17. Sam Knox

    I work in a callcentre, and today I had the pleasure of randomly dialing out and speaking to the author of this book as he underwent his dialysis treatment.
    I haven’t yet read the book, but after speaking to him, I fully intend to buy and read it. He was a person I warmed to instantly, had a great chat with, and found myself being inspired by his spoken words and stories.
    If I didn’t have a job to do, I could have easily chatted to him all morning and enjoyed every single minute of it.
    Looking forward to reading this book. I gave it 5 stars not because I read it and approve of the book, but because I spoke directly to the author and have concluded that he’s a really nice chap who has clearly triumphed through adversity. That must surely be an inspiration to anybody.

  18. Bob Roberts

    Having worked with Pervez I know that this book is a true represent ion of his life , I have heard a lot of the stories many times, having been his support worker for a short but fantastic time, I laughed then and laughed again reading this book. Pervez is an inspiration to all he meets ,this book is a must for those who feel dragged down by there disability. Like I said earlier an inspiration to all.

  19. shirley knox

    What an amazing book. I could not put this book down once I started to read it. I feel very privileged to know Pervez. The book makes you appreciate what a valuable asset our sight is. Although there are parts that made me cry, there are so many accounts that are humorous , that made me chuckle out loud. I would recommend this book as a brilliant read.

  20. Graham Kensett

    Predominantly a practical and philosophical approach to cultural and everyday challenges……. it about one mans vision to life without sight……hugely entertaining and motivationally brilliant. Highly recommended

  21. Shenaz rashid

    I read this book in one day, which reflects how easy it is to read as well as hard to put down! I’m totally astounded at the resilience and perseverance that Pervez has shown in the face of numerous obstacles that he has encountered; his ability to bounce back is inspiring. The way in which this autobiography is written is simple and feels as though I’m listening to him speak. A great read and by the sounds of things, a truly great guy! Rosina

  22. mrs e memory

    This is an amazing book….an inspirational story of a determined man who doesn’t let life get him down or his disability stop him in any way…I know Pervez personally and I didn’t ever know about his struggles in his early years because he doesn’t dwell on them! The chapter about his errant guide dog Ufton made me roar with laughter…it’s all true,I remember it well!! Can’t recommend this book enough!!

  23. sarah sentinella

    Fantastic read, very inspiring.

  24. Mrs. K. W. Neate

    What a wonderful book, written so movingly, and makes you motivated to try just half as hard as Pervez. I laughed and I cried, and could not put it down, read in one go, and will read it again, well done Pervez x

  25. Amazon Customer

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Pervez’s life, the hurdles and the humour all make this very easy to enjoy. It is humbling and inspirational at the same time. Not all of us can boast anywhere near the achievements or positivity in the face of adversity that he has displayed. There’s a lesson or two in there for us all!

  26. Yas Fayaz

    excellent read of a man who I know personally.. Funny and inspirational

  27. Charl

    Such an inspirational person and it’s an honour to call pervez my friend. This book definitely makes you laugh and will also make you cry. An amazing person who has touched the hearts of a lot of people and will continue doing so! Definitely worth reading, it’s one you can’t put down x

  28. S. Prosser

    What a traumatic journey, lots of funny moments, about a man who has let nothing stop him doing what he wants, against all the odds and puts others first. Truly Inspirational.

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